PHIT Total Nutrition & Exercise Program


PHIT Total Nutrition & Exercise Program


Do you need to hit the refresh button on your health? It's hard to know what to eat, how to grocery shop, when to work out and when to rest. With the PHIT Total Nutrition & Exercise Program Meg will tell you just what to do. 

For one month you will get:

PHIT Weekly Workout:   4 workouts per week + 2 cardio plans per week

PHIT Meal Plan: That means 3 meals + 2 snacks per day.

Grocery Lists: That dreaded trip to the grocery store will be quick and easy, just follow the PHIT list.

Recipes: Everyone has the ability to make great meals right at home. Meg's recipes will help you have fun in the kitchen and cook healthy food for you and your family. 

2 Body Composition Assessments:  We all know that we are more successful if goals are set and strived for. Meg will meet with you at the beginning of the month and again after your month of the PHIT Total Nutrition & Exercise Program to help you understand and set those goals. 

The PHIT Total Nutrition Program is delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis, starting with the first Friday following your consultation.